Justice for Bosnia

To Bosnia with love

We went to Bosnia with the charity ‘Remembering Srebrenica’ with the intentions of learning about the conflict and heinous genocide that took place there twenty years ago.

Upon our return, we felt compelled to share our lessons and decided to put together this blog. We hope that no one forgets the atrocities that took place in Bosnia and learns from the courage and endurance of its people.

This trip encouraged us to study the genocides that have taken place – some which haven’t got the media coverage they deserved. We began to research the genocides that are taking place right now but are going unnoticed; and our eyes were opened to the start of such inconceivable acts – by the demonisation and creation of ‘the other’. We want to share with you what we now know, but more than this, we want these crimes to never to be committed again, anywhere, to anyone.

This blog is dedicated to everyone who has suffered war and all those whose who are striving for peace.

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  1. Via ‘Obsolete Childhood’:
    “what an incredible blog. I had no real idea of what happened in Bosnia…oh I heard small news reports on the television and even read a few articles in a local paper but was unaware of the near total annihilation of a people. You brought me to tears with every post I read. here’s hoping your blog goes viral soon”


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